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Spanking, Hurting, and Discipline

Spanking, hurting, and discipline- how are they related. Conviron Altatis explains.

Every culture agrees that spanking is an indisputable method of disciplining. But as to how much spanking should be inflicted, cultures have different views. Eastern parents give more physical hurt compared to Western parents do. Laws have been passed to protect children from child abuse.

The Physical Hurt

Physically hurting a child can go awry to the point that it can lead to a serious medical problem. No parent would like their kids to be hospitalized because of their very own hands. Things can be out of control, however, when the parent is mad. Whenever we are angry, we become a totally different person. When we are angry, we are capable of hurting even the people that we love. This is why teachers are not advised to hold objects while teaching lest this they throw it at annoying students.

The point here is that it is possible for a parent to physically hurt a kid to the point of the kid’s hospitalization. The wound will heal, the scars can be erased, but the memory of physically hurting the kid can remain forever.

The standard spanking is to spank the kid on the butt with your slippers.

The Emotional Hurt

The emotional hurt is much more damaging than the physical hurt. The feeling of being hated can cause the kid to be hurt and hate the parents in return. It is very important for the kids to understand that spanking is a way of disciplining them (punishing them for committing a mistake) and not as a means of expressing anger or hatred. It is dangerous if the spanked kid feels being hated. This will lead the kid to an estranged situation and will lead him to find other ways to find a place to belong.

The Bottom Line

It is then very important not to inflict too much physical pain when spanking. Also, to obviate emotional hurt, the kid must understand that the spanking is done as a disciplinary action. The parent must still show love to the kids despite the spanking.

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