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Statistics with Computers

A survey was taken asking people about computers. Here are the results.

A survey was taken that asked people how many computers they had in their house. Each person voted only once and 36 people answered.

  • More people had one and two computers in their house than

    any other amount.

  • The number of people decreased as the number of
    computers per household increased.
  • Only one person however did not have a computer at all

Here is another graph of the data for the above question:

  • This graph can tell that more people had two computers than one computer
  • Nobody had five or 7-or-more computers
  • The average amount of computers per household was 2.06 computers per house.

I took another survey asking the same 36 people about how much time they spend on a computer every day. Each person also voted only once.

  • It shows that more people spent half an hour on their computer a day than any amount of time
  • The amount of people grew smaller as the amount of hours increased, but jumped up from 1.5 to 2 and from 2.5 to 3.
  • Nobody spent 3.5 hours on their computer.
  • Four people said they did not spend any time at all on their computer
  • Each person spent an average of approximately 1.475 hours a day on his or her computer.

One more survey was taken that asked what those 36 people used their computer for. Every person asked could pick more than one answer.

  • More people used their computer for playing games than any other subject
  • 10 people used their computers for e-mail as well as research
  • Only one person used it for news
  • Nobody said they did not use their computer for anything
  • Four people said they used their computer for work
  • Three used it for homework

The last survey was taken that asked when people usually used the computer. The 36 that answered could answer in more than one category.

  • More people said they used the computer during free time than any other time of day
  • Many people also said they used the computer right after

    school/work and in the evening.

  • The fewest amount of people used it in the morning, during
    school /work and never.
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