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Step Parents – What Rights?

What Rights do stepparents actually have?

Do step-parents have The Right?

Some may say yes others no.  Being a stepfather or mother can’t be an easy task, but what about the children.  Do they have a say.

Today society is filled with consistent stepfamilies.  A lot say it’s great having an extended family; gaining great friendships that enable families to share and never become lonesome.  What of those that children that consider a step parent overbearing and dominearing.

Do parents think of their children whatever the age when inviting these strange savoury people into their homes to meet their children? 

Would the stepparent have respect for the child that isn’t their own or would they abuse their authority because now they are the parent and demand respect as an adult would want.  If so should a child give in and except this or deem a new parent as inappropriate.

What role does the step-parent respect and what role does the child, without stepping over tricky boundaries. I mean, child abuse is high and is reaching a higher level still because adults don’t and won’t understand the roles of parenthood.


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