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Summary of Nuclear Power

Pros and cons of nuclear energy. Should it be used?

Nuclear Fuel is very useful in creating electricity. It currently creates 15.7% of the world’s electricity. Producing nuclear energy doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses. Also, it is a sustainable energy source, so it will not run out in the near future. Nuclear energy is also the cheapest way to produce electricity, so energy prices will drop if it is introduced. Wind and solar energy need much more open space to produce electricity, and they only work when it is windy / sunny, nuclear requires much less space and will always produce energy. In Germany alone nuclear power stations have created jobs for around 38,000 people.

Nuclear energy can sometimes be unstable and dangerous. For example in the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in Ukraine on the 26th of April 1986 there was a big nuclear explosion, this not only destroyed the surrounding area, but it also spread dangerous radioactive particles around the world. This is the main reason why people are against nuclear power. Another problem with nuclear power is the disposal of the nuclear waste. It takes roughly 10,000 years before the waste has completely decayed. If everybody starts using nuclear power, where should the waste be dumped? Eventually we will run out of room for all the waste.

As I said earlier, nuclear power plant disasters could cause massive damage to the world. This is why nuclear plants are targets for terrorist attacks. Nuclear waste is dangerous, but can be even more dangerous because it can be turned into an atomic bomb. Then it could cause a lot more damage. Building a nuclear power station is no short process; it can take 20 to 30 years to build it safely. So nuclear power may not be available after fossil fuels run out.

Overall I think that nuclear power may be the only option after fossil fuels run. In the future we will use much more electricity than today. For example electricity will power our cars, boats and planes when fossil fuels run out. Nuclear power produces much more electricity than wind and solar, and it is much cheaper. I think nuclear power should be used as it produces enough energy.

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