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Surprisingly, New York State Judge Tapping Citizens Legal and Legal

Surprisingly, New York State Judge Tapping Citizens Legal and Legal.

A U.S. federal judge stated that the espionage committed against U.S. citizens by the telephone network inetelejen state ’s legal apparatus . The comment was later a week after another judge issued a ruling otherwise .

District Judge William Pauley depicts New York espionage as a ” backlash ” against the terror network al – Qaeda .

According to Judge Pauley , the activities of the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) to supervise residents may even be able to prevent the attacks of 9/11 .

In fact , last week a federal judge in Washington DC disconnects the possibility of mass surveillance act was unconstitutional and totalitarian countries is like a picture .

Judge Pauley verdict was announced on Friday ( 12/27/2013 ) local time with the argument that the point of balance between equities and the public interest are very skewed to the government’s position .

” The right to be free from search and arrest are fundamental , but not absolute , ” he said .

very disappointing

This ruling is very disappointing American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ) , which filed the lawsuit . They vowed to appeal .

” We are very disappointed with this decision as one of interpreting related statutes , ignoring the implications of privacy breaches government wiretapping program , ” said ACLU Deputy Legal Director , Jameel Jaffer .

Instead the Obama administration since the last few months become the target of scorn and criticism warmly welcomed the judge’s decision .

” We are pleased that phone metadata NSA wiretapping program declared illegal, ” said Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr told the BBC .

Another verdict , calling the mass wiretapping violates the Constitution , declared as not valid because the Ministry of Justice appealed . As a result of activities residents still record phone activity can be carried out by the NSA .

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