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Teach Children Early Learning Writing Since

Here are some ways and tips in order to train and teach children to write.

Here are some ways and tips in order to train and teach children to write

1. Teach your child to write in the shadow

The first step is for the child to write the first trained shadow. The point is that the child is taught to write in the clouds (red. Java language). Train the child to make the vertical and horizontal lines. Pencil point held the child by making the line awang-awang/bayangan. Can from top to bottom and then from left side or the right side. Do that until the child looks smooth and straight.

2. Learning to scribble

Prepare a blank paper or bond could picture book or write a book and let the kids form a pattern in accordance with his will. Let your child imagination to doodle fit a child’s imagination skills. Usually the child will tell you what imagination paints. We as teachers or parents enough positive appreciation for what the child. The purpose of scrawling child is so flexible and skilled in the use of the pencil so that it will train the coordination between the brain and the hands of children.

3. Bold line

Before the children were taught to write letters then basically the next step is to teach children to thicken the line horizontally or vertically. To help him then we could make a dotted line to the horizontal as well as vertical and allow the child to thicken the dotted line. Rate if the child can thicken fine lines. We can provide value with star or moon images.

4. Bold letters
After the child well to thicken the line so we can improve the ability of children with bold letters. For the practical steps we can buy a book that contains the dotted letters. Or we can make the letters themselves are dashed. As for the parents who have their own computer so we can create your own dotted letters. For those who have not had dashed font in MS Word so we can install the first font dotted. Please search on google with the keyword “DOT FONT”

Perform the four tips above are sequential and should not be done at random. For teaching children to write requires a phase-phase and need to process and time. When children not attending school, these tips so that children can be taught himself fluent and proficient in writing letters. The thing to remember is portion should not be excessive so that the child will quickly weary and bored.

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