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Technology Destroys Our World

Technology has made it possible to do things 50 years ago we never would have dreamed of.

Destroys Our World

are dependent upon technology in today’s world to make our lives easier. Advances
in technology have made it possible to communicate and socialize with people
all around the world. In retrospect, many people are angered at the fact of
losing Internet connection for a few minutes, while in places like Africa the
majority of the population hasn’t even been introduced to the idea of an
Internet. We have become dependent on technology to aid in our everyday lives. Technology
has had both positive and negative results on our society through its power,
voice, and adaptation because it has changed how we communicate, socialize, and
interact with the world around us.

has influenced the rise in power for today’s youth with the use of social communication.
The invention of the Internet has revolutionized the way people live. Either
through communicating via Face Book on the web or using face time on the new Ipad,
the use of technology is power. In a study on the usage of cell phones it is
said that, “More than half of teens (54%) are daily texters” (FCC). Because so
many teens can communicate through a cell phone, being social has now become
much easier. Through the influence of texting, many teens are becoming subject
to Multimedia advertising. In these advertisements there is a lot of power to
influence teens and young adults to buy certain items, and in that sense you can
become a promoter of ads you see. Multimedia influences teens today much more
than it does to adults (Mrs. Lewsadder being an exception). Instead of kids
playing outside, they are interacting through the use of electronics. Play
dates in elementary school now consist of two children playing games separately
on I-phones. It seems strange to watch my brother try to play with a friend
when he is involved with Angry Birds. If this powerful tool continues to
advance, I wonder if we will become a closer generation or one that is
fragmented into separate interests depending on the dominant technology of the
time. Technology is key today and will play powerful role in the future.


important aspect in the rise of technology and communication is adaptation.
These days it is harder for older people to adapt to a communication advanced
society. In many cases, life has changed from life on the homefront in a war to
having an unrealistic economies for the older generations. In the first couple
years of your life you learn how to learn. But becoming as easily adaptive
isn’t as simple as it once was and you gradually lose your ability to keep up. For
example, whenever my grandma wanted to write a research paper she had to look
up her topic on the cards, read books, and take notes. She was required to have
knowledge of how a library worked and the reference materials she needed. This
goes to show that maybe the last generation is more literate and we are becoming
less educationally skilled in some areas. She has a difficult time even turning
on a computer. Today computers help facilitate research and aid writing
instantly. Having to adapt to technology has become even harder for older
people because the technology is advancing so quickly. With that, this is a
variation of Darwinism, where only the best and the able can survive in a
future society. Power is a huge aspect in the world of communication and can
influence the old timers, even though they have to adapt.

physical result of advancements in technology is that people do not exercise as
much and are becoming less social. Partly due to the new sensation of Wii
sports men and women alike don’t go out as much. This is a good promoter for a
dating website like E-Harmony. And because you can play these games in your own
home people become restricted and human interaction with each other is at an
all time low. Also, my mom can watch TV while exercising on the treadmill.
Neither of these requires interaction with others. While playing traditional
sports, you communicate, make connections, and gain friends. I have to build a
partnership with my teammates on my soccer team. I will always compete to the
best of my ability if I know that my team needs me. (I doubt my mom competes
with her treadmill.) This can only be accomplished if I am physically present
at games and practices. Technology, while supporting the need for physical
exercise, does not build the relationships between individuals and breaks down
the need for sportsmanship and human association.


new multimedia sensation is to own an electronic device to socialize with
people instantly. This advancement has inspired the concept of a single world
culture. In Egypt and Syria protestors are using social communication, such as Face
Book or Twitter to spread their ideas of the opposition. This is important
because now the government cannot limit the ability of its citizens to provide Intel
and show what’s really going on in their country. We have also grown impatient
with communication that is not spread quickly. In India, it would take months
to send mail and communicate with people. Today, people are angered when it
takes more than a few minutes to send a text message. Society is demanding
communication be sent and delivered at the moment of occurrence. There are
still some areas that are hard to reach through geography however; with our
advanced communication we can access them.

lives are much simpler thanks to the innovation of technology which has led the
way for communication. Because we are becoming more dependent on the use of
technology it might hurt us in the long run. We now have the ability to
communicate with people thousands of miles apart in the comfort of your room.
This effect has led to social isolation in our world. Yet it has unified us in
a single mass world culture. Technology will always continue to exist and
advance and is an inevitable force that can’t be stopped.

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