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Television Programmes and Their Target Audiences

Have you ever wondered who the exact audience is for television stations and their day-to-day programs?

The trend in the society today has indeed influenced the way television programmes are relayed and arranged and maybe it has become so alarming that we have to consider it.  These days A presenter pops up and introduce himself or herself as the newest “psycho” on the block and the come up with the “fools tale”(pardon me for wrong choice of words) but what will bring the so called “adult programmes” in a time when kids are at home? Haven’t they got age limit and PG (or whatever you call it?)  Some programmes aired will alarm you to a point that you will have to question the broadcaster as to who their target audience is.  Don’t get me confused, imagine kids programmes (cartoons or the likes) aired in the morning when the kids are in school, are these managerial problems or is their target audience kids who cant go to school?

How about the so-called news channels and the likes, I’m not trying to take them out, but imagine some of their adverts; you might begin to wonder if indeed they verify the accuracy of those adverts!  A one-room business venture claiming their “prowess”, lets leave it there.

Are there no regulatory agencies to regulate, monitor and “watch” all these Television channels and stations? A lot of them are springing up and in a quest to gain popularity they are actually doing the unthinkable!  All they want now is for viewers to stick to their television, hence they show programme which most-a-times are totally non educative but so entertaining (even if its in reverse) in other to get viewers glued to their screen.  Funny as it may be, most television stations have control over our TV sets and they are not going to loose that powers soon.

What then is the link between television stations and her target audience?  Actually, these stations are supposed to “feed” (if you like) her audience and sufficiently too.  If they are successful in that depends on how you view it.  I think a station like CNN and BBC have succeeded in feeding her audience with so much “bad news” sufficient to create fear in them and I do agree to the fact that everything on earth is bad news!

I think the media; Television stations in particular should look for any lack in the society and fill it, rather than all the “junk” we do get.

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