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The Bigger Calculation

There are more things than we know…

Can you imagine a drink squeezed out of carrot, beet-root and apple have powers to help you survive when you have almost given up? 
I just did. I haven’t tried but am looking forward to trying it out.

It can cure cancer, deadly as it may sound. Ulcer and many more ailments like constipation, eye problems, blood pressure, kidney problems, muscle pain, menstrual problems etc.

Man in his prayers for the well-being of the world has been trying to solve some of the issues that most concern the minds on earth and health is one of them.

Umpteen number of times have we discussed health issues in magazines and electronic media and yoga-centres and religious institutions, yet we, at least some of us, have failed to attain that perfect health we all are looking forward to.

Why so???
We all know the turmoil man is going through. Man’s incessant urge to access prowess has made corruption ubiquitous. We sing songs of Michael Jackson (Heal the World) but prevent any kind of action taken on the same front.
However God shows us ways to never underestimate ourselves however dire the consequences may be to thrust us to desperation and loneliness.

The word LONELINESS without the ‘ L’ gives the word ONELINESS  and this is exactly what our fellow preachers have been telling us.

The many and the least, the happening and the boredom, the serenity and the turmoil is all a current in the mind that prefers to keep us attached to the world. We belong, all of us, to this world. We cry when we feel the pain of people being trapped in a distant land, or caught in an earthquake, strike or a traffic jam, or has subjected themselves voluntarily to hellish life. We fear when they are attacked by hooligans or zombies or lose their limbs or loved ones in accidents. We rejoice when the victory team returns with laurels, or a scholar, or an unsung handicap is felicitated by the people long after their tiring services.

So what is it that keeps the world going?

So the calculation for ONELINESS = 15+14+5+12+9+14+5+19+19= 112%

Can we afford to give away our precious lives in taking our lives by allowing our attitude to take the wrong direction? Can we claim  that we are highly insane for in a world gifted to us with love we find space small enough to accomodate all species?
Folks, the aliens are watching, communicating, helping and this is not unknown to many of us. Why wait for a Holocaust to happen to bring ourselves at the feet of those Highly Evolved Beings??

Remember we are powerful and our LOVE FOR GOD= 12+15+22+5+6+15+18+7+15+4= 119%

1+1+9= 11 which if taken in a broader sense is 1&1
God & Us
which in reality is ONE.

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