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The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

Did you see what the latest celebrity fashion faux pas was? OMG did you see what she was wearing? Does she realize how ridiculous she looks? Did you see your neighbor’s crazy new hair cut? Who are the ten worst dressed people? Did you laugh at the latest wardrobe malfunction?

It is not hard to find somebody making fun of the way another person dresses or looks. Fashion magazines are always doing it, even awards shows sometimes feature a fashion critique along the way. I use to work in a retail store and often witnessed people whispering to each other, making fun of what somebody else was wearing, or their hair.

I remember a flight my father took years ago on WestJet. At one point the stewardess walked down the aisle of the plane with toilet paper hanging out of the top of her skirt. Of course a few people snickered and giggled until one man pointed it out to her. Well the whole thing was really a set up and the man received a bottle of wine for his good deed. Shame on those who made fun of her.

Have you ever found yourself making fun of what somebody else was wearing, or how they looked?

Have you ever laughed at a celebrity fashion faux pas? Do you ever snicker at a person’s haircut? What if it was a mullet? Do you ever look at the worst dressed people lists or giggle at wardrobe malfunctions?

If so then really it is you that is making the biggest fashion faux pas.

A faux pas is an error or blunder, a tactless act, and by making fun of somebody you have committed a very tactless act. If you have made fun of anyone, either to their face, behind their back, or in a comments section on the Internet, you are nothing more than a bully. Your holier than thou attitude that makes you think you have some sort of right to look down on others and to make fun of them is pathetic. Does it really matter what somebody is wearing?

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I can understand it when people object to somebody wearing fur, or clothing they feel is cruel and otherwise inappropriate on a socially conscious level, but just making fun of somebody because you think their clothes do not look good is nothing more than bullying.

With all the talk about how to stop bullying in kids, we, as adults, though our own actions and the media, have been bullying others, and teaching our kids about being bullies.

As such the biggest fashion faux pas is made by anyone who makes fun of others for what they are wearing and expects that their negativity and snobbish attitude wont wear off on others.

If you want to stop bullying in kids, start changing your own behavior, or nothing will change.

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