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The Contentious Affair

The continued violence in the US and abroad.

 We unfortunately have come to an age where our political process has morphed into a loggerhead of what appears to be tribal warfare. Though not as violent and blood thirsty as the Shiites and the Sunnis but nevertheless just as contentious. The tenacious audacity of the Republican party pitted against the unflinching solidarity of the democrats in which neither party appears to be willing to compromise has pushed the United States so far off course that the country our fathers and grandfathers knew is totally unrecognizable now. We have come into an age of political expediency where the only result that matters is securing their election or reelection. It doesn’t matter if their own constituency benefits as long as the flow of money keeps pouring into campaign coffers.  

The sad reality of today’s violent world keeps everyone on edge. From the violent gun assaults in Chicago, or the indiscriminate attack in that Washington navy yard or half a world away in Syria or inside the mall in Nairobi all have a singular common denominator and yet in almost every instance what has happened should not have happened. Even in the aftermath of such carnage lingering questions always seem to abound.  Yet, when it comes to implementing necessary reforms here in the US that would curtail all the gun related violence or the needed international resolve to slow down and eventually eliminate terrorists attacks all have eluded our self serving bureaucrats.   
And, yes our most “trusted” “most effective” leaders of state have now become so paralyzed in their attempts in outmaneuvering the other party have only exasperated the ongoing crisis that only continues. When we stop and really think of what is actually happening today not only here in America but in other parts of the world where events have unfolded have all manifested into a tempest waiting for another spark to ignite the flames of horror and unleash unimaginable terror throughout the world.   

To think the unthinkable of just 40 years ago today there are Americans who have become so annihilated and frustrated with the government and pervasive attitudes of certain ethnic groups of the United States have become anti American. Just look at what happened in that mall in Nairobi two Americans actually took part in that horrific carnage. If this wasn’t bad enough even right here in the US there are growing numbers of Americas that have disconnected with the mainstream ideals and laws of the United States. It comes as no surprise that some individuals that have disconnected and been disenchanted with American policies of late take part in the unthinkable. This and so many other issues by the powers that be have only mystified and beguiled the public. .  

Is it any wonder that today’s realm of reality where the public safety and economic stability are almost completely pushed aside by the continued lack of empathy for the public at large by our own elected officials? Sure there are some who have managed to show effectiveness to their on constituency. But, by and large too many public officials keep missing the boat when it comes to doing what is necessary for all of the publics welfare and safety.  
While the United States and the rest of the world are assaulted each and everyday by factions that are bent on agendas that only create and harbor more resentment have steadily steered the United States on a collision course toward a very tragic reality. That reality, that day of reckoning will hit every American unless we as a nation wake up and realize what has happened in the last 35 years of disingenuous policies that have only created not just the largest income disparity gap in our history but has opened up what Martin Luther King was trying to close. That is the racial tensions not only for African Americans but Muslim as well.   

To think that the United States became a nation of citizens of the world, the great melting pot as some used to call America. Where people are supposed rejoice in harmonious union without fear or prejudice. The land of equal opportunity has vanished without a trace. Boy, we sure have a long way to go still. Let’s start to really think what we have done and realize that the change of direction this country is headed has to occur.  

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