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The Debate on Reproductive Health Bill – Philippines

The RH bill point promised to give right information on responsible parenthood through birth control and maternal care and other access. It promotes both natural and modern family planning methods. It could possibly bring more benefits for people in reducing poverty and maintaining good health. If it is for the good of people, why not support it.

It has become the hot and quarrelsome debate in the Senate. What made a big issue should the bill be approved,  the budget will derived from the taxpayers and other private sectors to purchase the contraceptive items.  Where else should we get fund but from the government instead of corrupt officials delighted on that money. Taxation will soar high eventually.

There are two bills presented in the Senate with the same goal An Act Providing  for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development and for Other Purposes  or House Bill No. 4244 by Edcel Lagman – Albay 1st district Representative and The Reproductive Health or House Bill No. 2378 by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

The Catholic  Bishop Conference of the Philippines threatened the President Benigno C. Aquino III if he will support the bill.

There are many issues involved in the debate such as money, poverty, corruption and power.

There is SWS surveys circulated around that seven of 10 respondents do favor the RH bill but CBCP won’t buy that thinking that money flows to that mind conditioning survey influencing people to accept or reject the said bill.  

The main concern of the bill is to control the fertility of women since Philippines is ” the 12 most populous country in the world today”. If family is conscious of the number of member it will improve the quality of life and reduce poverty.

Having a big family in this country is such a catastrophe considering the minimum wage is low but the price commodity is high. If you calculate the daily income of an average Filipino, enough only for an individual to survive to support the basic needs. How much more if you have a large family, the allocations for education and hospitalization will be diverted to daily food supply which is the main needs.

Most Filipinos are in poverty case though still innumerable Filipinos are in a Class A income. Sad to know that those who are in average income have a big family and those who have a good income has a small member. So therefore, good communication and information on responsible family planning are what other Filipino lacked.

The bill implied freedom of personal choices. You can still practice family planning, buy condoms or pills. It’s all up to you as long as you don’t violate each other’s right.

With or without the bill, it is still the responsibility of the parent to plan how many children they can raise up according to their capacity spiritually and financially.

 You may try to read the copy of RH Bill.

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