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The Difference Between an Adult and a Child

The Difference between an Adult and a Child.

Many will wonder what really separates an adult from a child. We like to think it is the maturity of the mind. But let us examine what we mean by maturity exactly. Many will say that it is responsibility, many will say intelligence, and others will say knowledge and life experience. I would like to say that it is none of the above. What really distinguishes an adult from a child is their ability to make difficult decisions without the fear of the judgement or permission of others. While the child will run to their parent and their teacher and ask if the can, the adult will take action first and inform others later. They will take the responsibility for their decision and are not afraid to make a mistake. They know what is best for them and they know their own heart. Sometimes children act more like adults than the grown men and women themselves. Children are often mischievous and will not obey orders from authority figures, while as adults we often cave to the expectations of others to fit in and avoid being judged. So tomorrow morning before you put on your fancy professional outfit, think about it, are you sometimes like a child in a grown men’s suit?


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