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The Evil Power of Money

We are aware the saying "knowledge is power". Because it is proven in our life that if you have knowledge your life has a power to do something to success. How about "money is power"?

We are aware the saying “knowledge is power”. Because it is proven in our life that if you have knowledge your life has a power to do something to success. How about “money is power”? We know mostly of us are looking for money, working for money because we think money can buy everything, can posses everything – may be that is the power within. Some are doing all things to reach the highest level of being rich – because they believe if you are rich power can push you higher and higher. In our life does money is power or giving you more problems?I still believe that knowledge is power. Now think, how would the rich people become rich? It’s not because they worked their butt off for days on end. It’s because they used their greatest asset to achieve such feat–their brain. Of course, the rich people also knew that most people would work for money. That is information in itself. They used that to their advantage. Thus money becomes a medium of power where they use money to make themselves more money and giving them more time. Thus time becomes a luxury since they are taking time from their employees who works for their money. And these employees in return makes more money for their employers than for themselves and most do not know that. So it’s not really money that is power. It’s the brains behind that usage of money that is power.I have short analysis here.. forget first your brain.. Let say I want to purchase certain things like house and car. Since I have money I can afford to purchase it right away (may be I use my brain to sellect a good house and car) but the issue here is power to purchase. In otherhand remove the money instead you have brain, can purchase the house and car through brain (its a dream), Ok you can surely but it will take sometimes not right away.. what do you think?Yes, I do believe money has power. Money surely has purchasing power. But it can go as far as the material world is concerned. So the power of money is dictated by the materialistic side of thing where anything that can be priced by it, money has power on it. That is the limit of the power of money. If a certain thing can’t be priced according to the standards of money, then money don’t have power over it. But if it can be priced accordingly through the money system, then money has purchasing power over it. The problem is, what do mankind consider as can and cannot be priced. Sometimes, men get overboard and priced something that should not be priced at all. That is where the problem rests with regards to the power of money. Just my two cents with me now.Well, I guess that all the happiness in the world can’t be bought or priced by money. At the extent, money can buy material things and worldly pleasures and activities. These can translate to happiness. So to some extent, money can buy happiness. However, I must say money can’t buy all the happiness in the world. Fulfilling achievements, true friendship and self confidence can’t be bought. Maybe money can help achieve it but can not completely buy it. It is always good to think that money is just a creation of man. A genius idea of and concept that sprung from the mind. It can easily be created, and being such, I think that makes it invaluable up to some point. As long as man can create it over and over again, its value and essence is breached. Focus on what man cannot create, like feelings, emotions and nature. These can all make one happy, but can money buy them out?Money is power… ummmm… maybe. Wait. Unless you know how to spend the money to gain power, money cannot be power as there are already many millionaires and even many billionaires… so you see that money today is not a big thing, there are many who have much money but… many of those arent powerful people. Only a few are! Actually money is not evil it is normal things like other. If you put money on the table there is no power. Until people see that money and pick it up, then use it the power of money starting when people decieved about the importance and use of that money. Through money a person might be extended his/her influence because people seen what money dictates on that person.Knowledge is power. You can loose all your money and possessions, but not your knowledge (if you don’t have a brain accident, of course). If this happens, your knowledge will help you to start again and to earn enough money to built up again a new existence. Otherwise, having enough money may help in different points of live. It may help you to resolve problems or to be more relaxed knowing that you have enough to pay your bills…when we spend more than we earn and have outstanding debts we cannot afford, we usually feel anxious. Money has a big influence about our health, because when we are worried about our situation, we can get ill. So money has got certain power. But we never give to it all the importance. AWARE THE EVIL POWER OF MONEY WITHIN.

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