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The Fall of a Nation

Why the United States is so close to financial ruin.

Repeating history is synonymous when nations fall. The United States continues to defy the odds by repeating history every 60 years or so and still continues to survive. For how long will this deception by this nation defy the odds by continuing to succumb to repeat itself? Sobering question indeed. But, any fall of nations is avoided only when apathetic attitudes are replaced with authentic desires and solutions that will achieve the necessary results to avoid a repeat of circumstances that lead or contribute to internal deprivation of the masses.

 Avoidance of repeating what lead to so much decay and suffering of millions [like the Great Depression of the 1930's and the financial meltdown of 2009 ] involves diligence, a renewed sense of purpose and a coordinated effort by all. A unity of the populace has to prevail against the temptation to succumb to the affluence of denial that history doesn’t matter. A typical case in point is when the Republican party only acknowledges that to remedy our current financial woes is to cut spending while increasing taxes. With the budget cuts in education and other cuts in needed services only exasperates an already deterioration in our whole economy. Compound with the fact that the Fed continues to be in a perpetual state of denial concerning the strength of the all mighty dollar as the premier currency in the world today while printing more currency to “hum” create the premise that we can pay our debts. This deception is almost so complete that governmental policies continually shroud over the true fact that our nation without complete reform of current economic and foreign policies the future of all is in grave jeopardy. This in itself is cause for real concern and utmost urgency to act. With this nations financial policies currently being implemented by way of tax increases and budget cuts only further reduces the possibility that the United States chances of ever regaining the economic stability in order to stave off financial Armageddon. What is still coming out of Washington as the cure to all are economic problems are raise the debt ceiling, raise taxes on various consumables and cut needed services. “Wake up people” our problems simply won’t disappear just because we raise taxes and cut spending. The problem is so catastrophic no amount of tax revenue generated by the American public today will ever make a dent in the monumental debt that this nation is in. All we continue to due with current policies in play is continually undermining the already precariously unstable predicament that this country is in today. As deceptive as our current state of affairs are today the likely hood of financial disaster “will” occur leaving the American Citizens with a 25% e reduction in the standard of living. What this means is that no matter what your income level is today everyone will face at least a 25% cut in wages while every thing that is essential will increase by more than 25% immediately. There will be no turning back once this happens it will only progress with further depressing results on everyone. The only individuals who will escape all this economic and financial disaster of epic proportions are the very few of the wealthiest. Think of the Depression of the 1930’s only 10 times more severe will be the scenario if we fail to turn the away from this financial juggernaut of impending doom.
 If this information scares us, it is meant to. The ship of state is headed straight for the edge of the abyss. A collision course with a destiny far removed from the hope and aspirations for the future of the United States as envisioned by our founding fathers. There again, as we near a new Presidential election year where everyone is tuned to the voices of all those who seek public office not one is focused upon the root cause of most of our current financial conditions. One of the biggest deceptive practices today is the false assumption that the Fed can continually print more US dollars and hope other nations will abide by the current dominance of our currency in world markets. Other real concerns are the fact that corruption, deceit and continued deception have all infiltrated the rule and governance on all levels of government through-out the United States. Once we acknowledge these facts is the first step in turning this ship of state around. But, if we fail to affirm that the root cause of our financial and social decay is the way our current fiscal and economic policies have lead this nation to certain ruin. Whenever cuts in spending on education occur a further decline in opportunities for economic growth results. The current budget cuts that are being undertaken only produces the opposite effect on our whole economy. The change of direction we must undertake now will result in a much more secure and stable economic future.  It all boils down to living wage employment. The Global unemployment rate is so astronomical that the stability of any nation who has an double digit unemployment rate remains elusive. There continues to be eruptions of violence, governments are overthrown, and mass riots continue to rock societies where there is prolonged mass unemployment.  If we look at what is happening today in Switzerland where the unemployment rate is under 3.4% [ something we can only dream about today] ensures the Swiss Franc’s stability. Having a stable currency is crucial to having a sound economy. Look at surrounding countries in Europe where unemployment rates currently are in double figures. With unemployment rates this high there economies remain very unstable.  Here in the United States until we reach a full employment rate of a little over 4% the dollar will continue to slide, investors will seek out foreign currency like the Swiss Franc as safe havens for their investments, Gold will only continue to climb to well over $2,000 per troy ounce, and inflation will drive our whole economy down even further. The same scenario is already plaguing all countries around the world whose unemployment rates remain too high. The consequences of procrastination and denial on how living wage jobs play in the stability of currency is one of the basic causes why our whole economic system is such perilously close to implode. Governmental policies of the last 40 years have played a major role in the misfortune of millions of Americans, undermined our whole economy, and practically rendered the American public defenseless against the onslaught of major inflation. The dollar continues to loose creditability, our continued double digit unemployment rate remains, and whatever wages there still are earned don’t even come close to keeping pace with the cost of living. All of these factors are a direct result of current economic and foreign policies as well as major corporations reactions to those policies that have been enacted. Now the big question does the United States have the courage, the will and the fortitude to turn the ship of state around? The one true course this nation must choose is total National Economic Reform. Whatever the Republicans are conjuring up in regards to their job creation plan or the Democrats initiative are only intentions, but in order to be fully effective a complete course change is necessary. That is why National Economic Reform must be implemented now.  Like the most famous of all works of government The Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution, National Economic Reform is the blue print for other nations to emulate in resolving their most acute crisis, that being double digit unemployment and inflation. To wait any longer spells disaster waiting to happen. It is not a question of if financial devastation occurs it is a known fact that impending ruin will be upon us all sooner than we think if we fail to act now.  

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