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The Future of Trade Block Monetary Union

This article is about the analyzing of the future of trade block monetary union focusing mainly on NAFTA, ASEAN, and EU.×8NWrs [:D]

The Future Of Trade Block Monetary Unions

Khath Ourng

Jones International University

The Gold Standard Online University

Course Title: Leading from Global Perspective

Course Number: BC-607

Professor: Dr. Miro Smriga




Theme: The World IS Flat

The world is flat (Friedman, 2005). Technology and the internet, economy, politics, war, people immigrating, intelligent draining, and environmental concern has mobilized and integrated the world to be flattened known as the global village. Laptop and desktop and smart phone such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android combined with the internet have eliminated distance and shorten time to allow people from the corner of the world to communicate face-to-face via Skype in no time.  Poor economy, politics, and war in certain areas have been the main issue for people immigrating. The economy of the country cannot support people living standard. The reasons can be the land fails to produce food for people’s consumption. The people are not fitted with the politics of the country. The leader might be so powerful dominating the nations.

The civil war or the war between nations might force the people to be homeless, cannot live within the country for many reasons: food, clothes, shelter, and life threatening. Uneven intelligent has forced employers to seek intellectual employees from other countries in two ways: bring the intelligent employees into the countries or outsource the intellectual works to where the employees live. Finally, the high concern for the global warming has motivated people to think and act globally. They mobilize and build a coalition with other nations to take care of their world. These elements are the sources of integrating the global village.   

Definition: What is globalization? Globalization is “the growing liberalization of international trade and investment, and the resulting increase in the integration of national economies” (Griswold, 2000). Multi-national corporations, where they sign the contract for fair trade, free marketing, tax-less trading of goods and services and so forth.

List of regional coalitions or organizations

NAFTA  – North American Free Trade Agreement (Canada, Mexico, and America) (Wikipedia &, 2012)

ASEAN – Association of South-East Asian Nations (Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) (ASEAN Secretariat, 2009)

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