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The Knight in Shining Boots

Short story I wrote for English class.

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who lived in a rather small kingdom. The boy’s parents were below the nobles. The young boy always dreamed about becoming a great, strong knight and defending his kingdom against invaders. His dream was a lot closer than he had thought. One day while he was walking down the street he saw what appeared to be a thief attempting to steal something from a local shop. Without hesitation the young boy started yelling “Thief! Thief!”, while pointing at the thief. Luckily there was a knight nearby able to catch the thief. After capturing the thief, the knight came up to the child and thanked him for the help and asked him if he ever dreamed about becoming a knight. The young boy got very excited and said “Yes, I’ve always dreamed about becoming a night all my childhood!”
    The knight gave the young boy bright and shiny boots, which he said had special abilities to help you become more courageous and stronger. The boy believed in the special abilities, and he started accomplishing tasks around the kingdom to help out citizens in danger. One day while on a task with his master, there was another thief that had a weapon. The thief swung at the knight and had killed him, leaving the apprentice knight all alone. The king in the small kingdom appointed the apprentice as the new knight as soon as he was old enough to be an actual knight.
    Years past and the child finally was old enough to become the knight. Throughout the years before becoming the knight he accomplished many more tasks for many different people inside and out of the kingdom. Doing these tasks got many people to notice him, even the criminals knew who he was, and they were cautious to do anything illegal. Ever after him doing his first good deed, there has been many less criminals and crimes being committed in the kingdom.
    Some years had passed and the knight was starting to slow down. Once he had realized he was becoming weaker, the knight then decided he needed to find an apprentice to train so one day that kid will be able to become a knight. He knows that if he doesn’t find a new apprentice to become the knight once he is too old and cannot do it, all the criminals will be able to do whatever they want and can terrorize the kingdom with no one to stop them. Therefore, the knight set out on a quest to figure out which young child would be the best apprentice, not only for the knight but for the future of the kingdom. The knight patiently watched for a sign. Then one day there was a group of young boys picking on a child younger than them. Right as the knight was starting to stand up to put an end to it, an even younger child jumped in the middle of the group to put a stop to it. All of the older boys laughed at him as he was trying to defend a kid he didn’t even know from the “toughest” kids around, or so they thought at least. The bullies began to torment the littlest child there, and even though he stood up for the other child he ran away before they beat up on him more. The knight stepped in and told the kids to stop picking on younger children than them, and to do something more productive in their life then bully others. Once the kids were gone the knight helped up the child and asked him if he ever wanted to be a knight.
The knight began training the young boy to become an apprentice, who will one day take over the knights job and become the next powerful knight.

Liked it
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