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The Muppets: Are They a Threat to Capitalism?

Financial analysts say the new tape discredits the oil industry.

The Muppets (as in the XIX century it was communism in Europe) are the new specter that threatens the capitalist world, especially the United States. This was concluded by financial analysts and journalists on Fox Business news in Tuesday morning.

There, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Ruffo and all the characters that make up the Muppets were accused of being communists.

The new film The Muppets apparent effort to save the theater actors of their birth, but a driver of the Fox television network said it is promoting a campaign against the oil industry.

Economist Eric Bolling, of the “Follow the money”, Fox Business Network, said that the film seeks to discredit the oil business.

“It shows how far the left is going to get our children to manipulate and convince the anti-corporate message,” he said.

In the movie, The Muppets must collect 10 million dollars to save the theater where he arose. The enemy is Tex Richman, an oil tycoon collapse the forum that you want to extract the resource and get more money.

“Of all the films that attack the oil industry, any discussion about the positive aspects of oil: fuel to light a hospital, or heat their homes,” said Bolling.

Dan Gainor, the owner of the news, he asked: “Are you saying that Hollywood liberals brainwash our children?”. “That’s right, Bollin said, though fortunately in America we all love the oil industry. This is why the Ocuppy Wall Street has gone nowhere so far. “

Many websites and U.S. media took advantage, of course, for the charge ironic. “Besides the anti-corporate message, there is a courtship between a frog and a pig, it definitely left something to convince us in inter-species,” wrote Alexandra Petri in The Washington Post.

“Do not laugh, citizens,” wrote Jeff Labreque in Entertainment Weekly.Películas as “Happy Feet”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Bambi” are “Trojan horses” for anti-American publicity. The Guardian, meanwhile, recalled that a month ago The New York Post accused of something similar to the movie “Happy Feet 2″, which was described as a “Karl Marx for children.”

The analysis of the Fox ended with the comment of another economist, Andrea Tantaros, who said: “I just wish that liberals left in peace to our children.”

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