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The Murder of Stephen Lawrence

A description on why the six youths did not get convicted for the murder of steven lawrence.

The Attack

The murder of Stephen Lawrence took place on Dickinson Road at around 10:30pm-10:35pm 22nd April 1993. Witnesses say that the attack was short and only lasted 15-20 seconds.  The assault was committed by 5-6 white youths; they had quickly crossed the road and stabbed Lawrence twice, once in the chest and once in the arm. Both stab wounds cut major arteries which led him to lose a lot of blood. There have been many reasons why these youths were never convicted. Even though there were 3 witnesses none of them were able to identify them. When inspector Steven Groves arrived at the scene he administered no first aid to Lawrence. The metropolitan were institutionally racist. There are many more which I am going to explain.

Why They Weren’t Convicted

The first reason I’m going to explain is the fact that police did not respond to the locals who were telling them who attacked Lawrence. The police had claimed that there was a wall of silence even though more than 20 people had called in about the case. When they finally did listen it was too late as it took several days to arrest suspects. This means no one has been convicted for the murder of Stephen Lawrence because this gave the youth’s time to think of a plan and hide evidence

The second reason why nobody has been convicted is that the inspector who was first to the scene did not give Lawrence any first aid. If he had this might not have been a murder case but an attempted murder case. The reason why he did not give him first aid was supposedly because Stephen was a black man. This means no one has been convicted for the murder of Stephen Lawrence because the police officer could have saved Stephen Lawrence.

If police had searched the houses properly and listened to what the locals had been saying about where to look they could have found vital evidence. A piece of vital evidence such as the knife could have been found under the floor boards but the police did not check this. This means no one has been convicted for the murder of Stephen Lawrence because they could have found more incriminating evidence if they had searched the houses properly.

After the police failed the Lawrence family made their own private prosecution against the 6 youths in April 1994. But in the end it had the same outcome. They could not be prosecuted due to lack of evidence and Stephen’s friend, Dwayne Brooks’ identification evidence was inadmissible this was because he had earlier said that he did not see the attacker’s faces.     

My Conclusion                                                                                                                                                     I think the main reason why nobody was convicted was the fact that the police made so many mistakes.  If the officer had given first aid there would have been no murder. They didn’t listen to the public on the first few days about the suspects. Police didn’t thoroughly check the houses where they could have found the murder weapon.

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