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The Negative Effects of Biofuels

The starvation of millions.

Biofuels are a wonderful discovery that is created by converting crops, such as corn, sugarcane, and cassava, into a fuel that can ran in automobiles as an effective replacement of gasoline.  This pushes down gas prices and helps stimulate the agricultural industry around the world.  However the advent of biofuels is a double edged sword.  Yes it provides an alternative to crude oil, but all of the demand for the fuels, especially from China, is driving up the cost of food all over the world.  This is pushing more and more people under the poverty line at an alarming rate.  We must choose whether or not we want to force millions of people in the world into poverty and starvation just so we can save a few cents per gallon on our gasoline.

     This event is mainly caused by the energy crisis and especially due to the way that OPEC currently controls the oil market of the world.  While countries are putting in billions of dollars into researching biofuels, those monies could easily be spent elsewhere on a topic that does not greatly affect the poor people of the world.  If OPEC did not force the prices of oil so high, there would not be as much pressure of nations to find quick and easy solutions to the energy crisis, allowing the poor of the world to have access to cheaper food.

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