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The Number of Elderly People in The World is Increasing

What do you think are the positive and negative effects of this trend?

The world’s population is witnessing a significant development in the number of the old. Considering the case in different places, I personally believe that besides certain advantages, this trend, at the same time, puts the society under a great pressure of numerous social problems.

To begin with, we can easily notice positive results that a high proportion of elderly people will probably bring about. First of all, an increase in the old population is accompanied by a considerable reduction in a huge number of serious crimes usually committed by the youth, namely being drunk, motor races or even murders, etc. Furthermore, the superiority of old people in the world‘s population will lead to a society of more experience as well as carefulness, which means fewer faults or failures in work caused by young and green people.

On the other hand, however, our society is facing up to a range of drawbacks distributed by an escalating number of the elderly. What firstly strikes us, among these, is a great shortage of the labor force, who play an integral role to the development of our modern world. Moreover, as most senior citizens no longer maintain the ability to work, following this increase is too large amount of government’s budget, which should be used for investments in business, now spent on retirement pensions or old age centers. Not only the economy but the health service as well is likely to come in for various challenges resulting from the old population because elderly people need more care and attention than any other age groups in the society. Last but not least, the life may become much quieter, slower, more boring, or even lose the imaginary creation and also the effervescence of the youth.

In conclusion, the outnumbering of elderly people in the world, though having some benefits, is considered as a hindrance to the development of the society. It is recommended that Governments of some countries should encourage young couples to have more children so as to balance the disproportion in the world’s population.

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