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The Reasons of Global Warming!

What reasons of global warming…

The reasons of global warming

Climatic indicators for last 0,5 million years: change of level of ocean (dark blue), concentration 18O in sea water, concentration CO2 in the Antarctic ice. Division of a time scale — 20 000 years. Peaks of a sea level, concentration CO2 and minima 18O coincide with interglacial temperature maxima.

There is a scientific consensus that current global warming with high probability speaks activity of the person.

Climatic systems change both as a result of natural internal processes, and in reply to external influences, both anthropogenous, and not anthropogenous, thus the geological and paleontologic data shows presence of long-term climatic cycles which in четвертичном the period have taken the form of a periodic freezing, and the present is necessary on межледниковье.

The reasons of such climate changes remain unknown persons, however among the basic external influences of change of an orbit of the Earth (cycles of Milankovicha), solar activity (including changes of a solar constant), volcanic ejectamentas and greenhouse effect. According to direct climatic supervision (change of temperatures within last two hundred years) average temperatures on the Earth have raised, however the reasons of such increase remain a subject of discussions, but one of most widely discussed is anthropogenous greenhouse effect.

It is impossible to tell that there is a dispute between those who “trusts” and “does not trust” in the greenhouse effect theory. More likely, the total effect of increase in quantity of hotbed gases in atmosphere of the Earth is challenged, that is whether warming owing to greenhouse effect by changes in distribution of water steams, clouds, in biosphere or other climatic factors is compensated. However rise in temperature of the Earth observed to last 50 years contradicts theories about a compensating role listed above feedback.

Emissions of hotbed gases
The basic article: Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse effect has been found out by Zhozefom Fure in 1824 and for the first time Svante Arreniusom in 1896 has been quantitatively investigated. It is process at which absorption and emission of infra-red radiation by atmospheric gases causes heating of atmosphere and a planet surface.

On the Earth the basic hotbed gases are: water steam (carbonic gas (CO2) (9-26 % is responsible for approximately 36-70 % of greenhouse effect, without clouds),), methane (CH4) (4-9 %) and ozone (3-7 %). Atmospheric concentration CO2 and CH4 have increased by 31 % and 149 % accordingly in comparison with the beginning of industrial revolution in the middle of a XVIII-th century. Such levels of concentration are reached for the first time for the last of 650 thousand years — the period in which relation the authentic data has been received from samples of polar ice.

About half of all hotbed gases which have been thrown out by mankind, remained in atmosphere. About three quarters of all anthropogenous emissions of hotbed gases for last 20 years are caused by use of oil, natural gas and coal. The bolshaja part of other emissions is caused by landscape changes, first of all cutting down of woods [2]. In favor of the given theory those facts testify also that observable warming is more significant: 1.зимой, than in the summer; 2. At night, than in the afternoon; 3. In high widths, than in average and low. And also is the fact that fast heating of layers of troposphere occurs against not so fast cooling of layers of a stratosphere.
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Human activity

Results of last researches support the theory that the reason of global warming is human activity. Research with participation of scientists from Scotland, Canada and Australia has shown that the probability natural, instead of the anthropogenous reasons of climate change on a planet makes no more than 5 %

According to the same research, since 1980 the average temperature of air on a planet has risen on 0.5 degrees on Celsius, and the Earth continues to heat up approximately on 0.16 degrees for a decade

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