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The White House, The Congress and The Deficit

Get real! How can our country continue to spend and carry such a large deficit? It has already cost us our AAA rating. What is next? Americans are proud people and proud of their wonderful and great country. They want to keep it that way!

Americans have to balance their budget. There is only a certain amount of money that is available to them. If they spend too much in one area, such as food, they have to spend less in another. Even if their budget is not tight, it still has to be balanced.

Deficit keeps growing and growing

It is unfortunate that our Federal government does not do the same thing. It seems that every time we turn around, more money is needed. The deficit just keeps growing and growing. Regardless of what the money is spent on, if the government does not have it, it simply is not there. So, why is there the availability to write with blank checks?

Most Americans have had to really tighten their purse strings. They had to sit down and figure out what they could or could not spend and decide on which expenses were the necessary ones they have to pay, just to get through their hard times. With the economy the way it is, it can be a difficult task. They still do it.

Americans have no blank checks after their money is gone

They sit down and figure out their budgets. If they wrote a check for money they did not have, their check would bounce. Instead of the Federal government pulling up their sleeves and trying to spend according to their means, they just keep spending.

Now, everyone has something to say. But in actuality, it does not matter whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent or so on. Who cares?

AAA rating gone

Some may even say it does not matter whether we have an AA+ rating or an AAA rating. The ones who say this I think are just wrong. Americans are proud people. If it was not important to keep our AAA rating, then why is it that the last time it was lowered, it was almost a century ago, in 1917?

Americans work hard every day of their lives to put food on their tables, to raise their children as best they can and to love their country. In my opinion, the AA rating was a slap in the face from our leaders in Congress and the White House not holding up to their part of the bargain-spending Americans’ tax dollars in a fiscally responsible way and spending their money on what is only needed.

Americans are proud people

Americans want their country to be the best she can be. This includes spending tax dollars where it should be spent and not just because they can spend. Politics need to be put aside and just fix our deficit the old fashion way. Look at how much tax payer dollars are available and start cutting spending.




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