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There is No “Fair Economy”, Mr Barack Hussein Obama

This article is about our bad attitude, our hatred, government regulation, freedom, liberty, innovation, creativity, business wealth, and taxes.

Bad attitude is something that requires times to learn. Once learned bad attitude is hard to get rid off. Today, most of the conditions in society are the direct result of bad attitude.

Give yourself this test. Count how many times since you woke up today, you criticized someone or something with your inside voice. The reason you spoke critical of people or systems is because your society has trained you to have a bad attitude.

Unfortunately, society suffers greatly when a large number of people in its group practice bad attitude. People with bad attitude do not invest in their society. These people also blame everyone else and use this blame to justify not voting.

This political appears more contentious than any other I have observed. I have even stop listening to Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and Shaun Hannity. I wrote my explanation as just not wanting to have anything to do with people who do not understand how to make good choices.

In addition, I am at this moment in my life building my social-political ideology. This ideology will incorporate my mental health philosophy, my life philosophy, my political philosophy, and my perspective on faith and religion.

You know being liked by other people is not good, if you have to lower your standards. A few days ago I tried to explain to a person why it is better to let individuals be the innovators and creators instead of government.

This person did not get it. I think he is an idiot. I do not want anything to do with idiots. I fear a society led by arrogant people who have studied nothing, but think they are world class intellectuals.

Currently, Mr. Obama is trying again his “fair economy” initiative. When the Russians told everyone were to work and were to live us free people called it Communism.

There is no fair economy. In life there will be people who manage their lives well and people who do not manage their lives well. My simple formula for personal success is accepting reality, being grateful for what you have, earning enough for the basic needs, and friends and family.

To many people are dreamers. Their life disillusionment comes from not having the life they think they are owed. Great amounts of money are not required to meet my definition of personal success.

Therefore, what are people crying about in relation to government and politics. The economic crisis that begun on October 2007 was a rude awakening to many. However, I believe it was necessary.

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