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There is Turmoil in The World Because of Our Evil

This article is about how our failure to change and help the innocent contributes to the evil in the world.

We are the reason for all the evil in the world.  For decades, we have allowed the politicians to handle foreign affairs without our input.  We do not call or email these people in order to share our point of view with them.

American financial interest means that America can make money.  This has become the leading reason to be involved with other nations.

There was a time when America was a country with a foreign policy that involved America being a Moral Authority.  Elected officials would stand behind podiums demanding that leaders of nations respect “human rights”. 

Now, if America does not have a financial interest then the abuse of people by ruthless thugs does not matter.  North Korea, African nations, Iran, and other areas have to deal with the carnage created by evil men.  Outside of rhetoric, the US government does very little to help the people of these regions.

There are humanitarian organizations that attempt to help the people of the world.  I do not want to give the impression that there are no Americans helping others.

However, the political leadership is moving away from defending life.  Life in its purist form is great.  The good and decent contribute to the positive spirit in the world.

The good in life come from the positive spirit.  God made people with the ability to be good and decent.  These qualities in people give people peace, love, and joy. 

Our failure to act in troubled areas allows evil to grow in quantity and power.  My personal war with God continues.  However, I can attest that He is real.  In addition, we are far removed from the source of decency, goodness and purity.

The horrible acts we see around the world are due to lack of decency and goodness in the majority.  For some reason we are mad at someone or something. 

To many people only know how be mean in their criticism of their neighbor.  Let us take Miley Cyrus for instance. This young musical performer performed some sex acts on the VMA program. Many were offended and took to harshly criticizing Ms Cyrus.

How many people of the modern world waited until they were married to have sex?   How many people of the modern world have only had sex with one person?  How many people of the modern world watch comedians whose whole act is nothing but vulgarity?  I believe the bible verse; “ Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” is appropriate here.

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