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Today’s Social Problems in America

A short breakdown of some of the major issues in today’s society.

There are many problems with today’s society. Many of these are caused and continue to occur via young people: high school and college students. We live in a society where it is assumed that young people drink, and do drugs, and are involved in gang activities and racism. Older members of society have simply accepted the fact, and no longer care, that today’s young people break the law on a regular basis.

I, a college student, find it offensive that people simply assume that since I’m in college, I drink; which is not the case. But this is how society views people of my age.

Many of the problems in today’s society are caused by the media. Take a look at movies like Superbad. Why not just put up giant flashing billboards every thirty feet that say “Hey everyone between the ages of fifteen and twenty-one grab a beer and bang as many women as you can!” Or Pineapple Express, which basically says, “Hey, smoking pot gives you friends.” Does Hollywood have any morals? Now this isn’t just the “dumb-funny” genre of movies. Take a look at James Bond. He gets at least one girl per movie, shoots dozens of people with no consequences, and every time he orders a “martini shaken, not stirred,” it’s basically an advertisement for kids to drink. The same goes for dozens of movies, TV shows, books, songs, commericals, you name it.

Now I like a good action movie with some sex appeal as much as the next guy, but I don’t lose myself to it. I don’t feel a need to be like those characters.

Basically, until we start distinguishing fact from fiction, the social problems of today will continue into the next generation, gradually getting worse and worse. If we want to fix things, we need to take the initiative, now. We can’t wait for our elders to fix it, because they’ve already accepted it as it is. We, the people between the ages of fifteen and nineteen are the ones with the power to solve today’s problems, and keep them from moving on.

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  1. Del

    On February 21, 2010 at 3:32 am

    The short answer to your question is; No, Hollywood studios do not have a moral standpoint unless it’s bought or sold, their job is too make money, it’s societies job whether or not they want the product.

    So you’re part of the minority. Frankly you fail to touch on the bigger issue which is why the internet generation (post 1985 birth) are struggling to find any sort of individuality, instead of riding on the shoulders of the generations before them to be accepted for being unique — which they are not, with exception to the diamond in the rough.
    But with a ‘give me it all right now because I think I deserve it for nothing’ generation world where nothing is sacred.
    Why would anyone expect anything less from a business jumping on the gravy train? (i.e. Hollywood movies)

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