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Top 10 List – The Hardest Things to Do in Life!

A list of some of the hardest things to do in life! Things that look very simple to do at first, but when you actually try them, they prove to be real tough!

Let’s face it! Life’s hard! And the sooner we realize it, the better! Here are some of the hardest things to do in life-

1. To return love for hate!

But who wants that, right! This is the simple reason why the world is full of misery and hatred. But whatever that maybe, the truth remains that those few who actually try to return love for hate, find out that it is not as simple as it seems to be.

2. To accept someone we don’t love!

Everyone in the world wants what they find attractive. Same is the situation with love. If a person loves someone, that person wants to do anything to get love in return. But when it comes to accepting someone who loves that person, refusal is the most obvious answer. But many people also try to accept someone who loves them, but they soon realize that it is easier said than done.

3. To see our love happy with someone else!

It is a very common experience. Only those who have been in this situation know how much it hurts. There are also a few who would like to argue that it is not hard, but satisfying; but being someone like that requires a truly noble heart and very stable mind.

4. To see tears in the eyes of our loved ones!

Many people rarely find themselves in a situation like this, when they have to witness someone crying in front of them. Actually, nothing breaks the heart more than seeing our parents, relatives, partners or some others we love cry in front of us.

5. To change ourselves for someone else!

Almost everyone has to change at some point. This is hard. Changing even a very simple thing about oneself is really hard. And the challenge becomes harder if the change required is for the happiness of someone else.

6. To know that our closest ones no longer care about us!

Perhaps everyone has to face this sitution at some point in life. When we come to know that someone who used to care for us no longer does that, it is truly painful. Even more when we try everything to get them back but nothing helps at all.

7. To accept that we are wrong and change our opinion about something!

Nobody wants to this. Or at least, most people don’t. The truth is that accepting our mistakes makes life a lot better and easier. But doing that or saying a simple ’sorry’ requires some real strength of the heart. Those who have that in them, find that life is a really pleasant experience.

8. To know that it is impossible to help someone we love; even though we want to so badly!

Sometimes we have to face life as it comes to us. We want to help someone we love in every way possible; but at times, it becomes insufficient even if we are prepared to put our lives at stake to help them. This pain is indescribable.

9. To lose self-respect and live with that!

This is yet another hardest thing in life. But most people do not have to go through this. And this is hard only for the people who have moral values, humanity and emotions.

10. To know that we can’t have the person we love!

This is extremely common. Whereas infatuation fades in time, real love gives true pain if we fail to get our love. Love hurts like hell for those who know the true aspect of love and understand the reality of the feeling. For others, love is a game of time.

These are not the only things that are the hardest things to do in life. There might be just many many more. Feel free to comment below if you know something that is not in the list and is one of the hardest things to do in life!


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