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Top Six Controversial Celebrities of Hollywood

Hollywood stars who broke laws on several occasions.

Hollywood stars, have been subject to various controversies from time to time, having their brush with the law as and when they are seen messing up with it. Some of the most controversial Hollywood celebrities are listed below:


Even though Charlie is the part of Anger Management, still one of the major concerns for him have been about managing his own anger on which normally he has failed many a times. Right from his association with cocaine to his settling with pornstar girlfriends, Sheen has been the controversial figure in the Hollywood.


Once the world heavyweight champion and then entering the Hollywood, acting in movies like Terminator series, Predator, Commando, Expandables, to becoming the Governor of California two times, this Hollywood actor has been subject to latest controversy after being alleged to have an extra marital affair with his maid, with whom he has a child too.


This American beauty, who has been under the influence of drugs and then shifted to a rehab centre, has won many controversies in her lifetime. She was also involved in a relationship issues and trouble with the IRS. Once out from the rehab centre, she was also deemed to be jailed as she was planning an escape from the rehab centre.


The “Iron Man” series fame, Robert Downey Jr. has been associated with drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. He was once arrested for illegal possession of herion, cocaine and unloaded .357 Magnum handgun in April 1996. He also trespassed into a neighbour’s house and fell asleep as he was under the influence of a controlled substance, following which he was sentenced to three years of probation and required compulsory drug testing. He went through a series of unsuccessful drug tests and in 1999 he explained it to a judge ” It’s like a shotgun in my mouth with my finger on the trigger and I like the taste of gun metal”. He has also faced several controversies in his personal life from time to time.


The worldwide boxing icon, Mike Tyson has always been known for his aggressive nature. He bit some part of his competitor Evander Holyfield. He was also jailed for some years after being convicted of rape case. Tyson went bankrupt and it was only his comeback in the “Hangover I and II” which did provide him some financial respite.


Kim Kardashian has always been in news from time to time, that too for wrong reasons. Right from her marriage with Kris Humphries which barely lasted 72 days to being in a sex scandal video, Kim has always been on the controversial forefront right from the beginning of her career.

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