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Triond Contest

Thanks AshleyApathy for doing this and giving me the idea to make it bigger.

Hey everyone, I saw a contest earlier today being done by Ashley Apathy and decided to make it bigger.  Her contest is people comment on 5 of her articles and she comments on 5 of theirs.  This means more views and more money!  

I have  decided to make this bigger by doing the same thing.  If you comment on 5 of my articles I will comment on 5 of yours.  Note that I am in college so it might not be immediate, but I will comment as soon as I can.  It would be great if we could get this trending with more and more people doing it.  I’ve made more so far this month already than I usually do on Triond so I’d love to keep it going and spread it around!

So start commenting now and get commented back:

My articles

Ashley Apathy’s Articles

Liked it
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