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Trip to Wal-mart!


Word of advice have your coupon policy handy at Wal-Mart had a difficult time today put it still pulled through. Had to do ten different transactions to pull it off. Purchased my coupons from (Only paid for the service and shipping which was 1.50). $3.00 off any Poise wellness product. The panty liners were 2.70 the coupons then made them free plus they ended up owing me 0.08 each time do definitely a money maker. So got over thirty dollars worth of stuff free. The price is still the same on the Poise feminine wellness so if u have coupons from this past Sunday u can still get these free wizclipz may no longer have them with being last weeks coupons.

Also, don’t forget to get your Glade Starter Kit for only 0.98 go here to get your coupon Glade Coupon!

Be on the look out for Awesome Deals!

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