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Truth Behind Osama Bin Ladens Death

Finally a article with facts about osama bin laden death published.

How come this that americans suddenly come up with the news about Osamas death. While the operation President Barrack Obama along with top U.S. functionaries to watch the live broadcast of the screen each second raid on the house. According to the Quran tempo trace Osama smell unknowingly when the CIA got a name initials while questioning several fatal attack on the WORLD TRADE CENTER on 11 September 2001.The name was an significant al-Qaeda courier. Osama mindful that using phone lines and internet is not safe from eavesdropping,he eventually used a courier service that true trustworthy. Over 5 years of the CIA chased the courier who had many times to move to different countries and it was found that the courier was the original name of Sheikh Abu Ahmed Pakistani descent who was born in Kuwait in his footsteps had disappeared to make the CIA reeling. In August 2010 Ahmed unwittingly use the telephone from a house in Abbotabad – Pakistan. American intelligence instantly rang alarm. Then the intelligence and even then directly to the location of a deluxe house in Abbotabad was. They know that the house had been constructed since 5 years ago but whom no one knows the occupants, including military pakistan. CIA mistrust comes from seeing the architecture luxurious 3-storey house for U.S. $ 1 million (Rp 8.6 billion) was different from most houses in the complex, reaching 12 feet high fence mounted on top of electric wires, guards and surveillance cameras along with a little window and most surprisingly no means of communication, the more surprised the people never take out the garbage as where as the residents in these housing composites. Eyes of the CIA apparently raises suspicions why trash the house was always burned in the house? is there any mysteries that do not want outsiders to know?. Finally mid-February and U.S. officials conceive that in the house there are most wanted people but do not know if it was Osama. Then President Obama’s idea to send a team of six Navy SEALS based in Afghanistan to conduct attacks. “We want to break the snake’s head to give effect to the supporters of terror” a high official said the CIA and was a fleer ambushing in the house is the U.S. number one Osama Bin Laden, the attack was the courier Abu Ahmed Osama and their 3 children and a woman who suspected his wife was also killed. Hence, Osama Bin Laden died due to negligence of a courier and garbage.

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