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TSA Perverts Complain About Being Called Perverts

An incredible article published at MSNBC details the complaints of TSA workers that they are being verbally abused by passengers.

What do you call a person who lurks in an airport putting their hands on other people, squeezing their genitals and breasts, removing their clothes, threatening and coercing them?  “Pervert” sounds like a pretty accurate description. A pervert is a person who is degenerate and corrupt, whose actions degrade, humiliate and debauch other people.

According to a TSA-sympathetic propaganda piece from MSNBC entitled, “TSA Workers Face Verbal Abuse from Travelers,” some airport sex workers complain that they are being verbally abused by the public. These are people who are groping the genitals of little children. They scream at and threaten passengers. They intimidate, bully and coerce others into sexual contact or sexual acts (such as posing for pornographic pictures) against their will.

Some TSA workers say that they’re not sexual perverts. They claim they’re “just doing their jobs.” This is the same thing the Nazis said when they were stripping people naked and shooting them in the back of the head in Germany in the 1930s. They, too, didn’t believe they were doing anything wrong. They believed they were serving their country.

What kind of people agree to do a job where they sexually assault other people? The answer is clear. No normal person would do something like that. People who sexually assault, threaten and brutalize other people are perverts – this fact doesn’t change if they are wearing a uniform and a badge.

The purchase of an airline ticket is not consent to sexual contact or any other coerced or forced bodily contact with anyone. It is not consent to any medical procedures or experiments – like the Rapiscan porno scanners that emit untested amounts of backscattter radiation.

Uniformed airport perverts are nothing new. They’ve been around for a long time before the creation of the TSA, they just had different excuses (although I’m not sure what they were) for detaining, falsely imprisoning, sexually assaulting, screaming at you and sniffing your lingerie back then. I quit flying in the late ’90s because of uniformed airport perverts and their gang-rape mentality.

I complained then. I told everyone I knew what had happened to me, but they just shrugged it off or didn’t believe me because it wasn’t happening to them. I contacted the airlines and called a lawyer, but no one listened or cared because sexual assault is a social norm in the U.S. where airport rapists are sanctioned by the Federal government and, therefore, untouchable.

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