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Two Different Versions of Who Killed Bin Laden

Mark Bowden, editor of Vanity Fair, doubts that the evidence published in the magazine "Esquire" are false.

Matt Bissonette, a member of Team 6 Navy Seals who raided bin Laden’s refuge in Abbottabad, Pakistan, states in his book “No Easy Day”, which published using the pseudonym “Mark Owen” it was he who gave the final blow to Bin Laden.

But his testimony differed from statements published by the magazine “Esquire” , where another team member claims to be the one who killed the terrorist. However, an anonymous member of the team has said that the version published in the journal is false and said that the al Qaeda leader died of a gunshot wound to the head and was topped on the ground, agreeing with Bissonette version.

The journalist and author Mark Bowden’s book “The Fisnish” has investigated the case and says he doubts that the version of “Esquire is fala”, as written in the article “Trigger Man” published in the magazine “Vanity Fair » , where he works as editor.

In his article states that the main difference between the two versions, the one published by “Esquire” and Bissonette detailed in his book, is that each claims to have been the man who killed bin Laden. Both agree that the Navy SEAL commandos arrived at the house of Bin Laden in Aboottaband, and killed on the first floor to the brothers Abu Ahmed, Abrar the Kuwaiti and Abrar’s wife Bushra. After they climbed a ladder to the second floor where they killed Bin Laden’s son, Khalid. Continued climbing the ladder until they reached the third floor where Bin Laden econtrar with their wives.

At that time Bissonette says he was not in the line of fire and another member of the team shot bin Laden when poked his head around the door of the room. That’s when Bisonette says he and other command gave the “coup de grace” to the terrorist shooting at the torso, says Mark Bowden.

Bowden continues his article stating that the version published by “Esquire” is more in line with what he has investigated. “Esquire is published Bisonette not but another man he identified as” the sniper “which is second in the line of fire and climbing the stairs to the bedroom where bin Laden was. Then “the sniper” women shoot for fear terrorist with explosives and comes face to face with the leader of Al Qaeda, who is standing behind his youngest wife, Amal, hands on his shoulders . That’s when the “sniper” fires three bullets at Bin Laden’s head, killing him. Then came other commands that continued to fire on the torso of the body, already dead, the terrorist “says Bowden.

Other witnesses

The reporter just article arguing that there thong people and groups involved in the events that do not understand how the other witnesses of history, women and children of the terrorist who were in the custody of the Pakistani authorities until they were released in 2012, accepted the official version of events.

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