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Types of Drivers with &Ldquo;monstrous” Reputations

Angry and unmanageable Driver.


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Every driver and passenger has already encountered bad drivers once in their driving lives. Having such types of motorists quickly turns peaceful and orderly roads to horrible and unmanageable ones. Those who are knowledgeable with their driving limitations know that it is fairly easy for them to avoid when they encounter such. However, the fact that these drivers with bad intentions could endanger the lives and property of others is an ongoing battle in itself.

Accordingly, if you regularly drive your car every day going to work or school, it is best that you browse through the list below to check if you have saw one or two types of drivers who possess a rather unruly behavior while behind the wheel . Here are some of the types of drivers with so-called “monstrous” reputations:

  • Mad driver. This type of driver has no fear whatsoever. He or she is someone who has no regard to human and non-human beings because his or her disposition is distorted by an event or an ongoing feeling of anger or frustration. The mad driver’s aggressive driving could certainly kill or injure motorists, as well as destroy virtually everything on his or her path.
  • Groggy driver. Either the driver is sleepy because he or she is tired or he or she has been drunk, both conditions won’t be a good sign if he or she plans to drive. Not a single inch of consideration is given to him or herself and to other motorists. That’s what alcohol (or possibly drugs) can do to the system; it disrupts driving decisions.
  • Bemused driver. To be bemused is to be confused. Being in such state won’t do any good, especially when driving. He or she does not concentrate with his or her driving, as his or her mind is on someone or someplace else. When he or she ignores traffic signs, crossing pedestrians, and other hazards on the road, expect an accident looming.
  • Tech-savvy driver. It is never wrong to be a geek when it comes to gadgets and other technological advances. However, it is very wrong to use that kind of advantage when driving. As we all know, distraction-related incidents have become rampant recently, but law enforcement have since been after those who violate such traffic laws, as using cell phones while driving is an offense that merits a ticket.

If you encounter such drivers, it is best that you avoid them at all costs. More importantly, you must instill to your mind the art of defensive driving, and, of course, the essence of keeping yourself and your passengers safe.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles personal injury attorneys believe that steering clear from senseless mishaps by focusing on the road and to driving is the best step to avoid untoward collisions and other accidents.

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