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Underage Prostitution: The Greatest Threat to Young Generation

Even with many problems that come with this trend, underage prostitution is another way of making money in some countries. On a daily basis, underage children are subjected to various sexual activities that include production of pornographic movies and other barbaric activities.

Underage prostitution is a serious problem-it is the most unpleasant gift of hope this world will give to the young generation. The trend has continued to flourish even when there are efforts to stem it. On a daily basis young people (underage) are illegally transported to one country or the other to engage in prostitution and child labour.

Today, many underage children in the continent of Africa are lured under guise of better living to some countries of the world to engage in prostitution or child labour. In some instances, the syndicates responsible for this illegal business convinced the parents of the would-be -child-prostitute that they would be assisting them to train their children in countries like Italy, France and some others where there are increase in cases of underage prostitution and child labour .

Many parents in Africa due to poverty and ignorance would jump at this offer and allow their children to be taken away by the syndicate that specialized in the business of transporting these children to these developed countrie. Findings have even revealed that some parents are even aware of the situation- but because of monetary inducement, allow the syndicates to take their children away to these countries. However, these syndicates are in most cases in active collaboration with some corrupt immigration officials in these developed countries who assist them in ensuring smooth passage into these countries.

Further findings have even shown that some other syndicates that are not into partnership with the immigration officials in these developed countries try to do it illegally. In the process of doing this, they employ the services of ‘coyote’ and other dangerous means to carry out this illegal entry into the developed economies. Report has it that many of these illegal children who must have been packed in cargo spaces in ships or buses have lost their lives even before they reach their destination.

Other reports even have it that, many of these young illegal immigrants are thrown into sea to prevent ships from capsizing or while these syndicates try to escape the authorities of these developed countries.

The United Nations Children Fund, UNICEF, in its 2007 and 2008 second quarter report identified two states in Nigeria as being the highest suppliers of child labour in Africa. Akwa-Ibom and Cross River according to the UNICEF report are Africa’s hotbed of trafficking.

Syndicates in these two Nigerian states engage in both internal and external trafficking. In the internal trafficking, they take the underage children to other cities like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Aba and some other states in the country. On the other hand, the external trafficking involves conveying the underage children from one country to another. Underage children from Gabon, Togo, Cameroon and others are brought into Nigeria for child labour and prostitution. While those from Nigeria are taken to some European countries like Italy, Spain, France and United Kingdom for child labour and prostitution.

Nigerian authorities have even identified many fictitious organizations that take advantage of the poverty in the country to assembly some homeless children under the guise of assisting them to transport them to developed countries for prostitution and child labour.

A country like Mexico also has reported cases of child prostitution and child abuse related problems. Findings have shown that the number of illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States of America is on a daily basis increasing. America according to other reports has the highest number of illegal immigrants in the world despite its numerous efforts to curb it.

Underage prostitution according to report is also very common in countries like Mexico, Cambodia, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Even as efforts are on top gear by UNICEF to stem the tide of child trafficking and prostitution, government in various countries of the world should equally complement the effort of various agencies that are against child trafficking and prostitution.

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