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The recent cuts in those safety nets that so many Americans depend on.

From all indications our most wondrous most benevolent benefactors of state in our Congress today have made what amounts to are life and death decisions that too many Americans are going to have to make. With pen at the ready to display their budget cutting acumen these bloodhounds of political expediency have done it again. With scorn and indignation toward the hapless citizen have virtually gutted the food stamp budget leaving millions having to make do with just the pittance that is left to keep the wolfs at bay in their ever continuing search for affordable food.

With the passage of this past Farm Bill virtually eliminated any chance that the rising inflation of food prices is going to be a part of recipients food stamp vouchers. There are those that continue to spout that food stamp recipients many are using the system unnecessarily are part of the problem. The bigger question has to be, why are so many people still applying for and receiving food stamps to begin with? A safety net in place that is continually being assaulted with so much rebut against a large segment of America’s population when the cost of living is rising faster than a speeding bullet is unconscionable. 

It is quite apparent that House and Senate Republicans in their unrelenting quest to reduce the nations debt at the hands of the poor, the destitute, the feeble, the sick and the hungry, in fact the majority of Americans today have cemented themselves as the Ebenezer Scrooges of today. While House Republicans doubled their food stamp savings by over $40 billion. This has resulted that food stamp recipients will have their benefits sliced by more than $25 per month. Figuring two adults whose incomes are under the income cap of $30,000 or people already on Social Security receiving food stamps today at $125 per month will be as of the first of November having to make do on just under $100 per month. I wonder has these so called “wizards” of economic acumen ever visited a grocery store lately?  

House majority leader Eric Cantor undoubtedly has his head in the sand, just to blind to see, or is completely oblivious to the plight that even many of his constituents are facing every day. With callous almost obnoxious resolve in jettisoning the nutrition title from the farm bill points to the fact that Republicans by en large are positioning the United States ever closer to a nation on the edge. With the latest economic news to date while Detroit is in a spiral of economic decay and the rest of the nation reeling in a perpetual state of economic retardation on the job front have all left a heavy footprint on America’s future.   

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