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The castes of India are cruel and unfair. Please read on.

I believe that the Untouchables are being treated horribly in the caste system and I also think that the caste system should be eradicated because of the unusually cruel and harmful punishments that are done unto them. Some examples of the horrors that are being done to the Untouchables are that they are being shot, they are not being involved in government, and it isn’t even their fault that they are an Untouchable, they were born into it.
    The horrors of the Untouchables as I can see it are tremendously horrible, but the fact that no one is actually doing anything about it is amazing! I couldn’t believe that Ghandi opposed the idea to abolish the caste system! I know that Buddhism might have become nearly extinct in India but I still can’t believe that someone that I read about that  is known for peace around the world, did not want to abolish Untouchables. The ones that are shooting them in villages where there is no police, and the ones that just seem to try to keep it under wraps amaze me! This issue, according to the passage I read, said that the idea of eliminating the Untouchables has not gone up on the National stage yet. Something this big has not been noticed by most people! I really expected someone to stand up, but no one has succeeded and India is still waiting.
    There is still a lot to be done to the caste system in order for this massacre to end. People must accept that everyone is equal and not born into their lives. Political leaders of India should step up and announce to the global stage that they need help to abolish it so that they will get more help. The violence that goes on needs to stop in order to clear a new path also. There are 160 million Untouchables in India, and they are waiting for new lives, peace, and for the violence to end once and for all.

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