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Us President Abuse of Power

In this article, I talk wrote about how a bad attitude and apathy assists a government that wants to enslave us.

The people who have a problem with America have a problem with freedom.  I was listening to conversation among the host of Doug Stephens Good Day radio program.  These hosts were discussing the recent revelations of the current president and his administration collecting all interactions a person has with his or her cell phone service.  One of the hosts actually said that government needs to protect us without violating any of the rights “they” give us.

People like these are dangerous.  They think our rights come from government.  Our rights are rights we are born with and government cannot take away.  People do not have right to Marijuana and Homosexual marriage.

Self defense-right to bear arms-is implicated by the right to life.  With out the right to self-defense there is no right to life.  We do not get our right to life from government and we cannot rely on government to protect our right to life.

In this country, people are completely free.  We are free to dream and free to work hard at making our dreams come through.  We can apply at any job.  We can enter any school that will have us.  We can start any business. 

At no time will any one interfere with our life pursuits.  Murderers, rapist, and thieves should be interfered with in life.  However, people who are after the good do not have to go to government for permission.

Now, many have worked so you will have a bad attitude.  I believe that all media has been deliberately working at killing our positive spirit so you will have a bad attitude, suffer from depression and anxiety, and be unable to function in society.

Therefore, there are to many cynical people who will not vote.  Many of these people are of the attitude “everything sucks, nothing works, why bother?”

Of course, there is the even more dangerous attitude that many of the counter-culture subscribe to in life.  This attitude is that the Military Complex, business, and corrupt politicians are harming us.

The current president of the US is of this radical mind set.  It is ironic that this counter-culture revolutionary is using the same things he despises-government, business, and politics-to pursue his radical agenda.

Many Americans do not care because they “signed off” a long time ago.  As soon as they got an “iphone” and “ipad” to play with, many stopped paying attention to what there government has been up to in life.

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