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Video Mocked: Gorilla Frightened U.s. Kids Naughty!

A group of U.S. kids naughty annoys the zoo visit a gorilla. In the video, the sweet revenge of primates to see!

Really strongly felt the small zoo visitors from certain bulletproof glass Gorilla enclosure. Again and again the students are trying to get a reaction from the giant apes. However, the lowland gorilla ignored the banter of the kids.

He seems to be resting quite cool to enjoy the sun of Texas.

The crowd is brave: imitated monkey sounds, some knocking with her fists on his chest. Again and again, a child is crying, “You’re ugly! You’re ugly! “Pride turns the monkey’s giant skull to the side …

As a child in front of the plate with a finger pointing at the gorilla, the vengeance of primates starts!

King of cool

At the zoo gorilla mocked U.S. frightens naughty kids!

King of cool: Still the gorilla shows no response to the schoolboy-bullying

Quick as a flash the gorilla jumps to the kids scared to death.

Like in a horror movie, he pressed his huge paws and his black face against the glass!

The children draw back, yelling and finally fall silent.

After his expresses effective show of King Kong gorilla strolls coolly back of the disc. One might think that the monkey grins a little as he takes a last look over his shoulder winner …

Well roared, Gorilla!


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