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Violent Crimes and Its Contributing Factors in The Society

In spite of the continuous increase in the funding of security agencies, violent crimes continue to be on the increase. What are the root causes of this menance and how can its growth be stemmed?

The commission of violent crimes is on the rise today. From school shootings to armed robbery, hate crimes, mindless killings, etc, it has become a plague that is eating deep into the sense of security of individuals in the society. Most of these violent crimes are committed against random victims and without obvious motive. It is as if there is a competition among the perpetrators of these crimes, which each one seeking to outdo the other. A lot of lives have been ruined, properties destroyed and people have been scarred for life as a result of violence in our society. In Nigeria, religious violence has led to the destruction of many lives and property in Jos, plateau State. Political violence has also led to the maiming of individuals in the society. Violence has also resulted in the destruction of whole communities. The prevalence of this ever increasing rate of violence around the world has led to such question as: what is happening? What could be behind these awful crimes? Why do they do it?

While some people may argue that the propensity for violence is innate in all humans, many experts are of the view that the following factors do contribute to the increasing spate of violent crimes in our society:

· Family breakdown

· Hate groups and extremists

· Dangerous cult groups/gangs

· Increase in the portrayal of violence by the media

· Drug abuse

· Inability to cope with problems

· Easy access to dangerous weapons

· Conditions of mental illness.

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