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•Water has three states: •Liquid •Solid •Gas •Due to waters cycling between these three states there is a term called the WATER cycle which describes the movement and CYCLE of water on earth.•Water masses, currents and the water cycle play a large role in weather. •We will watch this PBS clip to better understand one glacier’s role in water currents and weather•Ocean Currents – are formed by wind action and differences in density within the ocean water •When water in the ocean flows in one general direction, it forms a current •Some currents flow along the surface of the ocean while other flow deep under the ocean

Effects of Ocean Currents

•Warm water causes more evaporation and therefore more clouds form (this leads to more rain)

Hot Planet-Cold Comfort

•What is the Great Atlantic Conveyor Belt and what happens to global warming if it shuts down? Join Alan Alda as he explores some of the possible outcomes of climate change.(PBS , Runtime : 26:23)

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