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What Hypocrites These Liberals be!

David Gregory, host of Meet The Press, thinks an armed guard in schools is a stupid idea. Now we learn that his own children attend a school which has… guess what? Armed guards.

Cheyenne, WY – What hypocrites these liberals be!

Last Sunday, David Gregory, the 42-year old host of NBC’s Meet The Press (I do not know how a man of such obviously limited intellectual capacity got to be the host of that show, or what qualifications he brings to the job), lambasted National Rifle Association’s (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre, for suggesting that an armed guard should be posted in every public school in the nation. Gregory claimed it was “a…stupid idea,” despite the fact that the nation of Israel has been arming its teachers for years, and several states in America are considering doing exactly that. First, Texas, and then Oklahoma, Utah, Ohio, and Arizona are all considering taking that step. And in the next legislative session that begins in January 2013, Wyoming’s Legislature will consider a similar bill.

But, back to Mr. Gregory; we now learn that his children attend the Sidwell Friends School, a private Quaker school in the District of Columbia. That school employs eleven armed security guards to protect the children who go there. It is rumored that the school is conducting a search for a twelfth. And that’s actually BEFORE counting the Secret Service Agents who are assigned to protect certain celebrity children at the school.

Who sends their kids there? President Obama’s two girls attend that school, although, because of their ages and grades, they may be attending at two different locations: one in the District, the other in Bethesda, MD. Celebrities like Gregory and Valerie Jarrett, both Democrats, and both adamently anti-gun, send their kids there. Also, Chelsea Clinton attended that school.

It seems that liberal elitists like David Gregory have a set of needs of their own and they leave no stone unturned to achieve their goals. The rest of us? Who cares if our children are at risk of being killed by a mentally-ill person with a gun who is intent on satisfying a real or imagined grudge against someone?

To those people, a school, especially one with a sign out front announcing that it is a “gun-free zone,” is a target of opportunity; a place where no one else but him or her will be armed; a place where he or she can carry out an evil act; a place where, since no one else will have a gun, he or she can, without fear of being stopped, kill innocent children and faculty members.

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