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What is Brook Ayers’ Occupation? What Does Brooks Do?

Vicki’s boyfriend, Brook Ayers, on The Real Housewives of Orange County has been a controversial figure and leaves everyone wondering "What is Brooks’ job?" "What does Brooks do for a living" and "What is Brooks’ occupation?" Find out here.

During Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we were introduced to Vicki’s new boyfriend, Brook Ayers.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding Vicki and Brooks’ relationship–Did they start dating while Vicki was still married to Donn?  Did Brooks go to jail for not paying child support? Is Brooks only with Vicki for her money? and so on and so forth….  One big question that has often come up is what does Brooks do for a living?  

As much of the controversy about Brooks has dealt with money (child support issues, mooching off of Vicki, etc…) a big question becomes what does he do and both Brooks and Vicki have been very cagey regarding what Brooks does and a search online makes it near impossible to find out what Brooks’ job is.  Finally, Brooks revealed his occupation with a very vague answer that he is in healthcare venture capital.  Whether that means he is a venture capitalist or works for a venture capitalist who knows?

What we do know is that Brooks was featured on a 20/20 expose about deadbeat dads.  He has 3 children with his ex-wife and a fourth child with his ex-girlfriend after he claimed he had a vasectomy.  Brooks allegedly owes over $40,000 in child support per child and has not paid one cent towards the care of his fourth child with ex-girlfriend, Nicolette Catanzarite.

Brooks clearly has financial issues or does not prioritize his children above all else.  What else explains a man who owes so much in unpaid child support purchasing a mink coat for his girlfriend? (Remember during the finale of Season 7 Vicki kept bragging about the fur coat Brooks bought her?) Either Brooks didn’t buy the coat or buying Vicki a coat was more important that paying child support for his kids.  Let me tell you, if a boyfriend of mine owed child support and bought me a fur coat or any other lavish gift, I would tell him to turn around and return it and send the money to his kids and Vicki should have done the same.  Especially considering Vicki knows what it’s like to have the father of her children not pay child support.  Vicki constantly bemoans that Michael, her children’s father, never paid any child support yet she dates Brooks and accepts an expensive fur from him?  This in conjunction with her attacks on Gretchen for dating Slade, who also has child support woes, is what makes Vicki a hypocrite.  Yet, if you ask her, it’s different and Brooks is perfect.

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