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What is Happening to Our Earth?

What is happening to our earth? It seems like every newscast we are hearing about terrible earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, pollution and a whole gammit of environmental issues. The earth is getting warmer, the earth is getting colder. The ice cap is melting and whole countries may soon be swallowed up by the rising waters. Sorms seem more severe and there are wildfires burning away acres of land and forest. What is happening to our earth and why…read more.

There is something happening to our Earth, our home within the universe. It is changing and not in little, insignificant ways. It is warming and cooling and quaking and shaking in ways we have never known before. There are more earthquakes and quakes in areas where one wouldn’t think a quake might be. Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards are causing severe devastation and there is drought, severe drought. Humans and other animals are suffering because of it. Looking at the whole picture it looks scary, very scary.

What is going on? Why is all this happening? Scientist, naturalist, environmental action groups and governments are all scrambling to find the answer and come up with a solution before it is too late. What if it is already too late to fix it? What do we do then, had we better do now? Wherein lies the answer to our plight? There is a real probability that we may be looking for our answers in all the wrong places. Even though there are still billions of humans still living on this earth, we the people are an endangered species right along with all other living things, the writing is on the wall. There is a cure and a hope that we can once again live in a safe, happy and healthy environment where all living things including man will have all we need and live together peacefully if and when we look for and accept the answer that is right in front of us. Very soon it may be too late.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the earth I live on, this awesome planet, its seasons, its weather, with nature itself, all aspects of it. I’ve written about it, tilled the soil, gathered the harvest, wandered through its hills, valleys, forest, along its lakes, ponds rivers and streams, photographed it, sketched it and read books and articles others have written about it with relish. I guess you could say I have a passion for nature. I have been very blest to share in it, be a part of it. I have also seen its changes, seen the hand of man abusing the land, the air, the sea. Birds, butterflies and other animals that used to visit me are no longer around or if they are they are in much fewer numbers. The air is no longer and fresh and clean as it used to be. Rain is no longer as clean and refreshing as it once was just a few short years ago. You can tell as you feel it washing over your skin. The sun’s rays are now more damaging and burn with a heat more intense on my skin. Fields, hills and woodlands I used to freely and happily wander through are now frequently private property with no trespassing signs and instead of stately trees, lush green grass and flowers there are huge factories, mills and food processing plants with paved parking lots, huge airports, rail and bus terminals, hospitals, clinics, research centers, schools, financial institutions, office buildings, great churches, apartment buildings and condos, hotels, motels, restaurants and gymnasiums, places for entertainment and bigger is better or so it is said. No grass grows here. Without our plants, our trees, we do not have air to breathe and earth, our environment is out of balance. What have we done? Trash is left carelessly by roadsides to pollute the land and streams. Giant super-highways now snake through and gobble up the land and we are using up our natural resources faster than mother nature can replace them. It’s a fact.

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