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What to Do When The Workplace Bully is Your Boss

A workplace bully may be your co-worker or even your boss! When you are in your workplace, you should not allow anyone to make you feel uncomfortable.

Being bullied is not a nice thing for anyone. This is something that most people hope that they don’t have to deal with much beyond their school years. However,  you can sometimes have bullies in your workplace who will generally use words and actions to intimidate you and make your work life difficult.

A workplace bully may be your co-worker or even your boss! When you are in your workplace, you should not allow anyone to make you feel uncomfortable.

Keeping quiet about the bullying can make your work life a living hell or even make you quit your job. It is even more upsetting when it is your boss who is bullying. It can get complicated to solve especially if this your superior or the overall boss.

If you are a victim of bullying in your workplace, you should consider confiding in someone in the human resources department to help you to deal with the problem.

The human resources department should be equipped on how to handle such scenarios in the workplace. You can try and deal with the bullying on your own before you speak to someone in the human resources department if you have the right strategy and feel confident about tackling it on your own.

However if you are not sure how to go about the problem, then the following tips will help you go about the problem on your own or with the help of the human resources department.

Seek advice

You can ask for advice of a trusted mentor in your workplace or someone who is a close friend who may not necessarily be a fellow employee, but has been in the same situation before. Talk to the person and, find out how they dealt with the situation.

Confront your boss

This is perhaps a more direct way of dealing with being bullied by your boss, however it is also a daring move to take, depending on the temperament of your boss, you are bound to either lose your job or get a long lecture from the boss. Most bosses hate it when they are confronted by junior employees especially when they are in the wrong.

You must do this in a professional manner, if you are sure that your safety is not under any threat, especially if your boss is known to have traits of physical violence. Approach the issue in a firm manner, avoid yelling or threatening your boss. Stay calm as much as possible and express your views on the whole matter in a professional manner.

Your boss should back off after this conversation. Avoid crying or showing your boss that you are afraid of him/her, this will only encourage them to continue with bullying you.

Avoid lobbying for support from fellow co-workers

When you are dealing with a boss who bullies you, remember that your co-workers will always be around, so they will be able to see what goes on when you are being bullied by your boss. Unless your boss only bullies you when it is just the two of you. Don’t try to lobby for support from your co-workers, let them make their own judgements concerning the matter.

Work hard

Don’t allow the bullying to distract you from performing well at work. Do your job well, ideally your boss may be treating you like this so that you can fail at work especially if they feel threatened by your being around or they simply do it for fun! Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by your boss. You should feel good about yourself and be confident at all times.

Report the problem to your human resources department

Make sure that you report the problem to the human resources department and let them bring it up with the accused boss from a professional point of view.

If you have any witnesses, who in this case are your co-workers, let them also back up your claims, by sharing with the human resources department what they have witnessed during the times when your boss is bullying you.

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