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Why are There Guns?

Do we need guns? What for? A killing rampage? Protection against what?

Where did get our rights to use them ?

In 1776, we became an almighty nation. We established a set of laws called the Constitution. The 2nd Ammendment gave us the right to own weapons and use them, for military and hunting use of course. Back then, it was created mainly for adults or children who were close to adulthood, such as 17 years old. Our ancestors in the late 18th century were responsible, civil, and humane enough to own their weapons.

What about now ?

These days ,we have a less responsible generation. Where I live, there are kids my age, 13, and above having kids, doing drugs, joining gangs, etc. Personally, I don’t know anyone close who has been shot. However, I know some who are in gangs and own guns? Why would any child have a gun, child, or be in a gang? I have no clue. Some of my friends say it’s for protection. Protection for what? If anyone has a problem with you, settle like real humans, talk it out.

How do I feel ?

i feel baffled and concerned. Just a few days ago on Christmas Night, 2 teens died in Newark. One was 15, the other one was 13. The sad thing was the 13 year old girl did nothing wrong. All she did was take out the trash. Last time I checked, doing chores never had any consequences. One bone chilling part of this story is that the suspect was 15 years old. I could have been anyone of those kids . I’m 13 years old and I have over 70 years left to live. I fear for my life everyday on my way from and to high school. It shouldn’t be like this. Our society has the potential to change the world, not kill people. Life is messed up sometimes.

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