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Why are Women Victimized?

On falling in love, a man adores a woman excessively as a rose, moon or whatever that signifies beauty, grace and dignity. In Islam, women are put in a high position. When Mom and Dad want something from their children. The children must serve Mom first, then Dad. But, why in reality are women victimized? Well, they may “want to” or “have to”.

It is often written in bold letters in a criminal newspaper headline, “A school girl raped by her 5 classmates one after another.” Victimized? Well, it could be that the girl made herself up excessively with a mini skirt, and tight T-shirt, let-down hair or any other sexually-arousing accessories; all of which only  contribute to males’ temptation to sexually exploit her.  Had the girl worn Islamic females’ clothes with a long veil covering her head, wouldn’t there still have been any sexual show-off in her? She could  have been socially saved by the clothes she was wearing.

Another case is of a girl (quite young to be a mother) left pregnant by her boyfriend. Had Islamic way of dating been observed, such a case would never have happened. Nowadays young generation has adopted the dating styles of non-religious celebrities or watched porns via the internet or porn CD’s illegally sold. This is where females are victimized, and seemingly males walk away without burden. 

Such a victimized girl may, if not under careful self-upgrades, become a whore in the future, seeing that she has no more hope to be a good wife to a good and responsible man. She then becomes a whore, selling herself sexually for money because she has to. It is even supported by males’ tendency to have extra affair beyond their legal spouses back home. Polygamy has not been totally granted by human laws. Who is to blame?

There is a philosophical joke describing a good wife and a bad wife. A good wife behaves like a lady in the living room and outside the house, like a whore in bed with her husband (so that he won’t search for a whore outside), and like an economist in the kitchen. Wow, perfect! Meanwhile, a bad wife is characterized as behaving like a whore in the living room and outside the house, possibly in her work place, like an economist in bed with her husband, and like a lady in the kitchen (meaning she won’t do the household work). Wow, terrible! Let’s get out of here and have fun.

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