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Why Does Death Come in Three’s?

Death comes in three’s is is a know fact but why does this happen and is there something we are missing as humans that we are supposed to be doing.
There has to be cause and effect to this event?

Why death does come in three’s?

I only been on earth for forty two years but every since I heard this phase it’s been true.

If one person dies you know then a short time later there will be two more deaths to follow which will be connected to you in some type of form or fashion.

Connection through friend’s or evens an associate but there will be a connection is it that the soul that is leaving earth needs company to go on this journey?

Death by threes, does it go back to Jesus Death and there were three people dying on that day.

Everyone I know has heard the old saying “as soon as one family member dies, two more people will follow.

 I have tried to find the origin of that myth or legend. If you know me then you all ready I love history.

Is it a myth or folk lore that death comes in three’s?

Is it wrong to believe in superstitions or that when you sit back and realize that death comes in three’s?

Is the reality of life.

I woke up this morning and was tired I was with a friend and her step son was shot. He was in the hospital while doctors worked on him. There was no hope of life.

Another friend of mines brother died early that morning.

As I was heading to work, I said death comes in three’s and as I began my day I got the news that a school friends mother died.

I have to admit, that I was waiting for the phone call and then the reality of the situation was true death comes in three’s.

My question is who is the person needed help to get to the other side. Is it that death needs company?

If you need convincing that death comes in three’s think about all the people in your connection and who how many people died around the same time.

Life is cold and cruel at times, is the series of three’s mean something and the good lord keeps showing us and we refuse to see his message.

There is some type of message and we as humans cannot see the message.

I gave each family member by deepest sympathy and condolences but is there anything more I am supposed to do for them?

During death is there something that we as people are doing wrong or are we all suppose to take the funeral experience and do something positive about it for our lives.

How could a turn of events be so cruel why does death be so sad?

When death happens are we suppose to take on a new leave of life and show more brotherly love towards one another?

Is death a message of not only getting together during the bad times but the good times too.

Why is so hard to show love for one another all year long but at a funeral service you promise to get in touch and you offer for time to the family with grief.

What happens after the funeral? Why does the love and compassion stop for some families?

When death enters our life’s we are so overwhelmed with grief. Does god punish us all during this time of grieving.

I am still searching for the answer to why does death come in threes and what does these events mean for us as people in a society where people are cruel that kill one another. Hurt one another.

When Jesus died, he died between two people at his last breath was supposed to have been at late in the afternoon. It is also written that it was dark between noon and 3:00pm.

If you read your bible in three chapters it talks about Jesus Death.

Death is marked around threes. I am praying for our society that someone finds out why the three is so important?

I Trust in the fact that death comes in threes. Do you?


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