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Why I Stopped Drinking Soda

If you knew this about soda, wouldn’t you quit too?

At almost every dinner, we drank soda – particularly, diet soda – specifically, Coke Zero. I thought I’d never quit drinking soda. It was especially delicious with pizza.

I knew drinking it all the time was not good for my health regardless if it was the low-sugar, diet kind. But still, I didn’t stop having a glass when it was served. That is, until we did this…

We used Coke Zero to remove nasty stains and rust off our old barbecue grate. It was so effective in melting that disgusting stuff that with some elbow grease and patience, that old grate of ours started to look like new. Our little experiment left me happy… and mortified.

It was too disturbing to drink something that can melt rust.

Liked it
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