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Why Marijuana Should be Legal

Marijuana is a magical plant that should be legal and there has been no recorded deaths of marijuana users.

Marijuana is an amazing plant that has no physical side effects. It can be smoked or ingested.

It’s good for those with insomnia because it puts you to sleep. Its also good for patients with anorexia or an eating disorder. It can help people with suicidal thoughts , people with anxiety or stress. It can be used for headaches instead of the dangerous drugs such as acetaminophen which damages the liver. If marijuana was legal there wouldn’t be any drug dealers and no one would go to jail for smoking or dealing marijuana.

Its also good for the people with anger management problems and alchoholics trying to quit drinking.

It’s also a proven fact that marijuana helps those patients with cancer and such. If marijuana was made legal then there would be no people smoking spice and herbs sold as incense and/or potpourri which is very dangerous when smoked. And marijuana can be smoked in a vaporizer which is very safe for the lungs if the smoker does not like blunts or pipes/bongs. Marijuana is proven to be healthier than drinking and smoking cigarettes so i think cigarettes and alcohol should be banned instead of marijuana and if marijuana was made legal the government would be making a lot more money because everyone would be smoking it.

I think weed should be legalized because its safe healthy and its good for curing diseases disorders and its very relaxing.

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